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Collingwood Sixth Form

After presenting the Fun Day donation cheque to the representatives from Christopher's Smile, they have sent a letter thanking Collingwood for their contributions.

Dear Collingwood Sixth Formers, Prefect Team and all Funday Organisers and Supporters!

We are writing to thank you for the fantastic donation of £1852.69 following your successful Summer Funday in July.

We thoroughly enjoyed being involved in the day and we very much appreciate the support offered to our charity. The donation will be used to help fund a project we anticipate starting later this year.

Our new project will be the validation and introduction of ‘liquid biopsies’ into the clinic and eventually into standard care. Liquid biopsies are samples of blood or cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) from which circulating tumour cells are extracted and from which their DNA is sequenced. The test we propose to fund will give clinicians vital information as to the biology of a child’s tumour from a blood or CSF sample. The information will then be used to decide on the best possible available treatments.

At present this technology is used in the adult clinical trial and child research settings and it is our objective to bring this exciting technology into front line use for children with solid tumours as quickly as possible.

The new technology could make a huge difference for children with brain tumours who currently have to rely on complex neurosurgery in order to obtain tumour tissue for analysis. We want the UK to have the most advanced cancer treatments for children and the introduction of this new liquid biopsy technology will be a big step towards that goal.

Christopher’s Smile is regarded as an innovative funder of paediatric cancer research by academic researchers. The money donated by Collingwood through the Funday will help us to fund groundbreaking work giving the clinicians vital information which will bring hope to some of those children who receive the worst prognosis.

With many thanks again and very best wishes

Karen Capel & Kevin Capel