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Collingwood Sixth Form

End of Term Awards

To mark the end of the academic year, Year 12 students were invited to their final Y12 Achievement Award Seminar, where we celebrated academic success, effort and progress throughout the year.  

Congratulations to Harry Rundle who completed the 'hat trick' and collected awards for all 3 of his A level subjects!

Tej Pama and Lauren Sawyer were the winner of the 100% Attendance Award and were presented with Amazon vouchers - outstanding commitment!!

Lauren  Bennett Hard work and progress in English Literature 
Bailey  Black Good progression throughout the year & always being inquisitive in Film Studies
Evie  Boswell  Consistent hard work in A Level Business
Martina  Buocikova Striving to achieve excellence in Biology
Megan  Coote An excellent attitude & fantastic progress in Media Studies
Thomas  Findley Consistent effort in History 
Ellie  Hawes  Excellent performance in Law 
Ellie  Hawes  Excellent attitude & consistent performance in Psychology
Rachel  Hearn For being a conscientious student who has progressed well throughout the year in Film Studies. 
Jack Hopperton  Steady improvement & being the silent assassin of Year 12 Economics
Jacob Lau-Kee Excellent attitude in Computer Science
Jacob Lau-Kee Always asking questions and continued improvement in Further Maths
Henry  Li For excellent work on the NEA in Product Design
Ethan  Long Persistence hard work in Applied IT
Charlotte  Morris Striving to achieve excellence in Biology
Charlotte  Morris Being an exceptionally conscientious & hard working student in PE
Dan  O'Regan For excellent effort & commitment in BTEC Business.
Theo Palmer Marshall-say Always going above & beyond in every task set in BTEC Media
Tej Pama Consistent hard work & participation in Chemistry
Tej  Pama Consistently going above & beyond with independent study in Maths
Erin  Patman For excellent progress throughout the year in English Combined 
Lara Pearson Excellent attainment & demonstrating great motivation in Physics
Oliver  Pile For excellent work on the NEA in Product Design
Oliver  Pile A resilient & mature approach to work in Applied Science
Alex Preston-Jefferys For hard work & dediaction in BTEC Business 
Alex Preston-Jefferys Consistent hard work & effort in Photography.
Sophie  Richmond Consistent hard work in BTEC Travel & Tourism
Harry  Rundle  Incredible hard work & achievement in Art
Harry  Rundle  For consistent hard work and excellent ideas/writing throughout the year in English Combined 
Harry  Rundle  Outstanding progress & academic achievement in Geography
Max Stainforth  Excellent character and performance work in Drama
Nicola  Turner Excellent attitude & consistent performance in Sociology
Aimee  Webb Consistently producing the highest quality work, excellent contribution & being a role model to her peers in BTEC Sport
Aimee  Webb A fantastic effort & excellent coursework in BTEC Health & Social Care
Ryen  Wright  For consistant effort in BTEC Business 
Julia Zebrowska Outstanding & consistent effort in Maths