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Parents' Survey 2009

Parents’ Survey 2009

The third annual survey was completed by 372 parents/carers in February 2009. We received 136 responses via the new Parents’ Portal and 236 paper returns. The completion rate is down on 2008 which we suspect was due to problems using the portal. 

We appreciate the time taken by all parents in giving us this valuable feedback about how well we are doing.

Our aims are:

  • To give you the opportunity to tell us what we can do to improve
  • To receive feedback on how well we are doing
  • To create more dialogue between the College and parents/carers

General Comments

Teaching issues

The majority of the comments are very individual and relate to concerns about a specific class, teacher or subject. We urge all parents who have concerns to contact us directly so that we can deal with these issues.


Most comments refer to a lack of regular homework or homework which is not marked and returned promptly. There are some parents who believe we set too much.

 We will be re-launching homework as ‘Home Learning’ and plan to adjust the homework timetable to fit the needs of each subject area. We will also be changing the way in which we deal with homework that is not completed on time. Parents will be informed through the student planner and homework clubs will be provided to help those students who need additional support from us. In addition we will be making more use of the Virtual Learning Platform (VLE) to set projects. This new approach will be monitored and evaluated over the next year.


There were a number of comments about the need for more PE time in the curriculum and more opportunities for extra curricular sports. 

This year our extra curricular provision was adversely affected by the building of the new Sports Hall and the netball courts were out of use for much of the time. With the new Sports Hall completed and new netball facilities available, the extra curricular programme should be back to normal. The current Year 7 have 2 periods of PE per week and Years 8, 9 and 10 will have 2 sessions of PE per week from September. In Year 11, students will be able to choose additional PE as part of enrichment programme.


We were very pleased to receive so many comments telling us about the things that are good about Collingwood! These positive comments are reflected in the summary responses for each question. 


Curriculum Information