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Collingwood Sixth Form

Applicants can submit a single application via UCAS's website with a list of up to five courses for which they are applying.  Choices are not listed in preference order.  All five choices are confidential during the application process so universities and colleges considering an application cannot see any of the candidate's other choices.  Applications must be completed and sent to UCAS by 15th January of the year that the student wishes to start university.  For those students applying to Oxbridge, Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary courses, the deadline for applications to be completed and sent is 15th October.

Each year approximately 60% of Collingwood’s Year 13 students apply for courses via UCAS.  The Personal Tutor team work very closely with their individual Tutees to complete the application.  Last year we have secured places for 97% of those who have chosen to go to university.

When students apply to university in our Sixth Form, we have to make sure that where the conditional offer of a student's first choice of university course is aspirational in nature, his or her insurance choice has a lower set of conditional grades.  This ensures that if he or she does not meet the conditional offer of the first choice, the conditional offer of the reserve option will be more achievable. We would really appreciate parents' support in speaking with their son/daughter about this.  We would also urge all students to not accept their University places before speaking with their Personal Tutors.

If you have any questions, or would like to speak to us about the advice we are offering your son/daughter, please contact your son/daughter's Personal Tutor directly.

The UCAS website provides excellent information for students and parents:  Further parental and guardian information can be found using the link: