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A High Performing Specialist Academy for Technology & Applied Learning


Head of Performing Arts (Music and Drama): Mrs S Valu


Students explore music in a wide range of styles including popular, classical and world music genres.  Musical skills are developed by playing, singing, composing, using music technology and evaluating their own music and that of others.  Students learn to appreciate how music reflects different cultures and how music has developed.  Over time students begin to create their own musical identity by engaging with all the different styles though practical activities.  All students are encouraged to learn a musical instrument and engage in extra-curricular musical activities and performances.  In each key stage students are prepared to progress to the next level of their musical development.

Facilities and Resources

The Music Suite consists of two large teaching rooms, M1 and M2.  Each classroom has 16 music computer workstations with a variety of music technology programmes, 16 keyboards, a piano, a range of acoustic and electric guitars, a drum kit, percussion and world music instruments to enable students to learn music through a practical experience of the subject.

All students are encouraged to bring their own instruments into music lessons and music will be provided for them to learn the music from various styles on their own instrument where this is possible.

Enrichment Activities

Students are encouraged to take part in the extra-curricular opportunities the department has to offer.  Students may leave their instruments in the cupboard in M2 for the day and should collect them promptly at the end of the College day.

Performance Opportunities During the Year

Students are encouraged to perform music learnt in the classroom in the concerts and Carol Service:

  • Autumn Concert - November - Kingston Theatre
  • Carol Service - December – St. Paul’s Church, Camberley
  • Summer Concert – July – Kingston Theatre.
Curriculum Information