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A High Performing Specialist Academy for Technology & Applied Learning

29 June 2022

Ofsted Inspection Report

The College retains the previous grading of ‘good with outstanding leadership and management’.

The school is on a journey of continuous improvement.’

I am very pleased to share with you the key findings of the recent Ofsted Inspection of Collingwood. The report states that Collingwood continues to be a good school with the Lead Inspector stating in his verbal feedback to governors and SLT that ‘Collingwood is at the top end of good, punching through to outstanding’.  The report praises the high quality of pastoral care, the very good teaching, the ambitious curriculum and the good behaviour of our students.

Parents will know that since our last inspection in 2017, Ofsted has significantly ‘raised the bar’ in terms of its expectations and we are therefore delighted to have retained our ‘good’ grading.  The full report will appear on the Ofsted website on Friday 1 July, and I will forward this report to you in a separate communication.  Please see below a selection of comments:

  • Pupils receive a good all-round education here.  Although the school is large, pupils feel that they are valued as individuals.
  • Staff have high expectations of pupils’ behaviour.  They establish clear routines and boundaries.  Most pupils behave well in class and are enthusiastic about their lessons.  Pupils take pride in their work.
  • The curriculum is ambitious for all pupils.  Pupils study a broad range of academic and vocational subjects.  They are well-prepared for their futures​.
  • Many pupils take advantage of the extensive range of clubs and activities provided outside their regular lessons.​
  • Pupils feel safe at school.  They are very well cared for.  Parents and carers and pupils praise the very high quality of pastoral care that the school provides​.
  • Staff are enthusiastic about their subjects.  They present information in clear and interesting ways.  They use questions to probe how well pupils have understood and check pupils’ understanding before moving on.  Their teaching helps pupils to remember important ideas and information.
  • Pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities receive good support.  Staff know and identify the needs of these pupils well.  Staff receive regular training and helpful guidance.  They use this information well to adapt lessons so that these pupils keep up with other pupils in their learning.
  • The sixth form is very successful.  Students achieve well in a broad range of subjects and are well-prepared for their next steps.  After sixth form, high proportions of students enter further education, employment, or training successfully.  Students appreciate the quality of support provided by teaching and pastoral staff.
  • Safeguarding is a strength of the school.  All staff share in the responsibility for ensuring that pupils are kept safe.  Staff at all levels know what to do if they have concerns about pupils.   
  • Parents say that their children feel safe at school. Pupils know whom to go to if they need help, and they feel confident that their concerns will be dealt with.
  • The school is very well led and is on a journey of continuous improvement.  Parents express high levels of confidence in the school.​

Forthcoming Lockdown Drill

As part of our routine safety procedures, we will be organising a College lockdown drill before the end of the current term.  This is a procedure we carry out on an annual basis so that staff and students can experience safely sheltering in place at College and are prepared to do so in the unlikely event of an incident in or near the College (e.g. chemical leak).  For obvious reasons we will not be publicising the date and time of the drill, but I wanted to make parents and carers aware in advance in order to avoid any undue concern at the time.

Mr Tanner - Principal

Curriculum Information