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A High Performing Specialist Academy for Technology & Applied Learning


Head of Department: Mrs L Brockett


Several definitions have been offered throughout history in attempts to answer the question, 'What is Mathematics?', but one feature remains consistent: that the nature of the subject changes as society changes and develops.  Students' experiences in the classroom at Collingwood attempt to demonstrate this dynamic nature whilst also adding to and developing students' own skills in handling both numerical and spatial information.

Maths enjoys success at all Key Stages.  Last year we achieved 29.7% 9-7 at KS4 and 81.4% 9-4.  It is our aim that all the students who leave Collingwood College will achieve a pass grade in Mathematics.

Facilities and Resources

The use of ICT has become an integral part of raising student achievement in Mathematics.  All students are introduced to, and encouraged to develop their use of ICT to aid their work in Maths, whether it is through the use of graphical calculators, spreadsheets or the use of subject-specific software like 'Hegarty Maths’, 'PiXL Maths app' and ‘Desmos'.  We have use of an IT room with over 30 computers and there is an electronic whiteboard in every classroom to aid our teaching.

It is vital that students come to Mathematics lessons equipped and prepared to engage in learning.  As such, students are expected to bring their own basic Mathematics equipment to every lesson, i.e. pen, pencil, eraser, compass, protractor and Scientific calculator.

Curriculum Information