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Status Racing Team Win Heat and Set All Time Lap Record! 

We are delighted to announce that our Greenpower racing team, Status Racing, has won its first ever Greenpower event!

On Sunday 11 September, the Status Racing team made the journey to Bedford for its third race of the season.  After just a four day school week leading up to the race, the team did not have much time to prepare the car and perfect pit stops prior to the race, so spent many hours during lunchtimes and after College last week preparing for the race.

After the long journey (not helped by the M1 closure!) we arrived at the circuit half an hour late - and so the rush began to get the car through scrutineering (the pre race MOT to ensure the car is safe and passes all regulations).

The car passed scrutineering and we were soon out on the track for the 90 minute practice session. This allowed the three drivers to get used to the track and conditions, whilst also giving the pit team final practise perfecting driver changes.

We pulled the car in from practice 10 minutes early - to give us enough time to get the car back into the paddock and change the batteries, cog and driver!

F24 Race 1 started at 11.45am and the car started at the back of the grid (as a new car for the season with number 260 - we have to start at the back) but was soon able to climb the places in the first third of the race.

Formula 24 races are 90 minute endurance events whereby the team must only use one set of Greenpower standard batteries and must have a minimum of three drivers.  The aim is to complete the greatest mileage possible in the 90 minutes.

We finished Race 1 in second place - after a constant battle for 1st with our rival car from the Samuel Whitbread Academy.

Just thirty minutes after race one (and a driver, cog and battery change later) - the team was back out on the grid for the F24+ race.  This is the race designed for sixth formers which is only one hour long but the team only has one driver.  New sixth former - Livvy Retallack - was the driver for this event.  Sadly during this race, the car had to make a pit stop just 15 minutes from the end after the circuit breaker broke.

Here began the frantic 45 minutes to get the car out on the grid for the second and final F24 race.  We had to yet again change the batteries, cog and driver but also had to identify and fix the problem which caused the circuit breaker to open during the race.  Thankfully, it was a relatively simple fix and we were out to the grid early for Race 2.

The flag dropped for Race 2 at 3.15pm and the car immediately began to climb the places from the back of the grid.  Sam Attard was our first driver - and after 13 laps set not only the fastest lap of the day, but also the all time Greenpower lap record for the track with an amazing 1’08 lap!  This beat the previous best by almost 1 second, set in 2014 by Foremarke Hall School.

After a phenomenal drive from Sam, it was time for a driver change and new team member Toby Warren took the wheel.  Amazingly after this driver change, we were still leading the race with a gap of almost two minutes.

As Toby was driving, the team slowly increased its lead over second place with Toby improving his times lap after lap.  This meant that the final driver change needed to be the smoothest yet in order to keep our lead in the race.  Our final driver, Ben Gurden, took to the track for the final stage of the race - as the team watched cheering on the car after every lap.

It was an incredibly tense final 15 minutes for the team, as the car continued to lead the race.  We were all too aware that the batteries might not last the final few laps - which happened before the summer at Rockingham, where we dropped from 2nd to 4th in the final lap.

At 5.45pm the chequered flag was waved and we had done it. The Status Racing team had won its first ever Greenpower national event!

Just after packing our tools back into the minibus, the team proudly received the awards for 2nd and 1st at prize-giving.

I would like to thank all our fantastic sponsors, the parents that travelled to Bedford to support the team and finally to Mr Winter, Mr Todd and Mr Thomas - who have given up so much of their time to help make this car a success.

We have our final heat of the season at Dunsfold on Sunday 18 September before the Greenpower International Final on Sunday 16 October.

You can follow our progress in the build-up to these events, as well as follow our races live, via our Facebook and Twitter pages:

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Twitter - @Status_Racing

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