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College Council

Structure of the College Council

From each Year Group Council, 2 representatives are chosen to sit on each of three sub-committees which mirror the Governors’ committee meeting structure. Issues from Year Council meetings are referred to the appropriate sub-committee and actions/developments are communicated between these groups. The activities of the student sub-committees are aligned to the work of the Governing Body therefore opening up the possibility of a widening of student influence on decisions taken at meetings of the relevant Governors’ Committees.

Student Wellbeing Committee

This committee looks at rewards, sanctions, leadership and related themes.

Supported by Ms Akbar (Assistant Principal), Mr Cleary (Senior Assistant Principal) and Mrs Everson (Assistant Principal).

Student Curriculum Committee

This committee looks at learning and teaching, student research and related themes.

Supported by Mrs Wright (Joint Head of Lower College) and Mr Chauhan (Senior Assistant Principal).

Student Resources Committee

This committee looks at facilities, publicity, charities and Eco issues.

Supported by Mr Draper (Business Manager) and the Catering Manager.

Student Executive Committee

Student members from each of the three sub-committees plus the Sixth Form Head Prefects form the Executive Committee. They coordinate activities and monitor progress and feedback to SLT and Governors.

Each group has appropriate Governor and 6th Form representation (from the Head Prefect team).  By linking members of the SLT to each committee it ensures those that have the authority to 'make things happen’ play an active part, with students, in ensuring progress on the key issues identified.

Dates for meetings are set in the calendar with a Year Group/Sub-committee/Executive committee cycle of meetings occurring each half term. 

College Council Structure


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