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Courses Offered

GCSE AQA English Language
GCSE AQA English Literature

GCE Edexcel English Literature
GCE Edexcel English Literature and Language Combined

The Team

Miss F Arthur-Worsop, Mr M Ballard, Miss H Hardicre, Ms I Johnson, Mrs R Jones, Mrs S Marden, Mr J Roberts, Dr R Sinclair, Miss C Vallario, Ms I Wawer-la-Verde, Mrs R Woods (Head of Department)

Key Stage 3 Curriculum

We know the skills and weaknesses of our younger students, and so we begin Year 7 with units of work that build their skills in analysis.  Under new government legislation, Key Stage 3 will no longer be assessed using levels.  The English Department, working alongside local primary and secondary schools, has devised a clear and detailed assessment criteria which will be focused on English skills.  Students will be assessed at appropriate intervals using different foci.  All assessment objectives are tailored to meet the skills needed for GCSE English.

During the two years, students are exposed to a variety of skill sets, including speaking and listening, reading and writing.  We cover a breadth of topics, and we aim to expose our younger students to a variety of styles of texts and genres to really widen their knowledge and understanding of the world.  They read both modern and more traditional texts, and we update our curriculum each year to ensure that we remain relevant.  They write for a wide range of audiences and purposes (including letters, diaries, reports and narrating persuasive, instructive, informative and analytical writing).

Key Stage 4 Curriculum

From September 2015, all schools began new certifications in GCSE English.  These Coses will no longer be graded in letters but by numbers.  All students will leave Collingwood with an English Language and Literature GCSE graded 1-9.

Study in both Language and Literature in Years 9, 10 and 11 builds upon the foundations laid down in Years 7 and 8.  The content and themes of lessons should reflect the student's increasing awareness of the world around them.  We structure our learning journey throughout KS4 with clear signposting for the students, ensuring they know what they are studying and why.  We use student voice to inform our text choices and units and will adapt where necessary to remain relevant and engaging.

All students are entered for English Literature.  During the two years, students will study two novels (or a modern play), a selection of poetry and a Shakespeare play.  They will develop their argumentative, persuasive, narrative and descriptive writing and, due to the coursework elements being removed from new GCSEs, will gain valuable skills in timed conditions writing.

Years 10/11 students will study both AQA Language and Literature and will achieve two separate GCSEs.  Students are also required to complete the Spoken Language element which is a separate certificate, grading students on their speaking and listening skills.

Key Stage 5 Curriculum

A Level English at Collingwood, whether a study of Literature, or Language and Literature, aims to foster the enjoyment of both reading and writing.  In an informal seminar atmosphere, students are encouraged to participate in lively discussion, analysis and consideration of a variety of both literary and non-literary texts.  Students follow the Edexcel GCE which both staff and students alike have enjoyed. Texts are engaging and allow for a deeper critical analysis that lovers of English will enjoy!

Curriculum Information