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Courses Offered

The Team

Ms E Bauduin (Head of Department), Miss S Castro Iglesias, Mrs M Connell, Mrs A Narciso, Mrs A Walker

Key Stage 3  (Years 7 and 8)

Students in Year 7 are taught in mixed ability groups.  We follow the New Curriculum and ensure students have a range of opportunities to develop their language learning skills.  In Year 7, our French course centres around the topics of My Life, Where I Live and School.  In Spanish we cover the topics of Hobbies, Family and Friends, and Home and Local Area. 

In the first half term of Year 7, all students take part in an exciting competition where they have to create a piece which provides information about a Famous French/Spanish Speaking Person.

In Year 8 students continue studying the same language.  In French, students study the language through the topics of Parkour, Paris and Hobbies.  In Spanish they cover the topics of Hispanic Culture, School and Holidays. 

The department uses its own Schemes of Work, supplemented by textbooks, interactive platforms and a wide range of authentic resources such as videos and extracts from books and magazines.

In the second half term of Year 8, students have the opportunity to go on a trip to the French Institute and its Spanish equivalent.  We are currently looking for a replacement to the Europa Centre which closed its doors last summer.  Watch this Space for more information!

Key Stage 4 (beginning in Year 9)

In Year 9 students can opt to begin a 3 year GCSE course in French or Spanish.  

Language skills at GCSE are assessed with the following weightings:

  • Listening - 25%
  • Reading - 25%
  • Speaking - 25%
  • Writing - 25%

All exams are taken at the end of the course (May/June of Year 11).

Key Stage 5

  • French GCE AS/A2 Level (AQA)
  • Spanish GCE AS/A2 Level (AQA)

Enrichment Activities

We are hoping to launch trips to France and Spain starting in 2023.  More details to come.  

The department actively celebrates the European Day of Languages in September through a range of activities and competitions including a Bake-off competition.

We also offer a trip to the French institute and its Spanish equivalent for Year 8 students.  In September 2019 we launched a series of Languages Big Events where we invited Key Stage 3 students to cook a Spanish tortilla, create French Christmas crafts and make Venetian carnival masks.  We have been fortunate enough to re-launch these events in September 2021 and have invited our students to a Flamenco and Tapas evening, a film night and an Art session where students followed the steps of French Painter Andre Derain to produce an amazing piece of art.

Once a half-term the department also offers enriching activities for More Able students such as introduction to Mandarin Writing, Introduction to Portuguese or French Music Through the Decades.

The department also contributes significantly to themed Personal Development Days across the College and provides opportunities for students to attend online languages events focusing on Careers and Languages (with the help of Business for Languages).

Languages Leaders

Our team of KS4 Languages Leaders help us promote the importance of Languages in the College community by organising assemblies, supporting after school events and utilising social media to advertise Languages events, celebrate students’ achievements and enhance students’ knowledge.

Curriculum Information