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A High Performing Specialist Academy for Technology & Applied Learning

The Department

Mr Ballard

Favourite novel: The Great Gatsby 
Character most like you: My favourite character is Jay Gatsby because as he is such an enigma throughout the novel.  We do both like throwing parties, but mine are nowhere near as extravagant as his. 
Me in one sentence: Hardworking, enthusiastic Liverpool FC fan with a love of film, music and literature. 
Interests: Running, football, film, music and spending time with friends and family. 
Why I chose to teach English: To impart knowledge in a subject I love and help students reach their full potential. 
Favourite saying: Not my favourite, but I say it a lot!  'You've got this!'

Miss Hardicre

Favourite book: Hamlet by William Shakespeare
Character most like you: Mr Tumble... according to Mr Baird!
Me in one sentence: Friendly, enthusiastic cat lady with a passion for the creative. 
Interests: Cats, theatre and going to gigs.
Why I chose to teach English: It goes so seamlessly with Drama, and they’re the two subjects I couldn’t live without, all throughout my education and beyond! 
Favourite saying: Make good choices!


Mrs Jones

Favourite novel: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte.
Character most like you: Miss Honey in ‘Matilda’.
Me in one sentence: Cool, calm and collected.
Interests: Cooking, singing and walking in the countryside.
Why I chose to teach English: To inspire students and to see the ‘light bulb’ moment when they understand a key concept.
Favourite saying: Words cost nothing, be kind.

Mr Roberts

Favourite novel: Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S Thompson.
Character most like you: Professor Snape from Harry Potter.
Me in one sentence: Absolutely hilarious... and modest... and sarcastic.
Interests: Journalism, boxing, the mighty Tottenham Hotspur football club.
Why I chose to teach English: Putting words together is what I do best and what interests me most. Such a simple, yet incredibly powerful, thing.  I love teaching language to students and seeing where they can take their writing!

Favourite saying: "A word to the wise is infuriating"


Dr Sinclair

Favourite novel: Les Miserables by Victor Hugo
Character most like you: Miss Trunchbull in 'Matilda'
Me in one sentence: Loud, tough and funny and very South African!
Interests: The Happy Colour app
Why I chose to teach English: I love the context of texts and learning why authors wrote what they did.
Favourite saying: 

Mrs Woods (Head of Department)

Favourite novel: most recently it’s Fresh Water for Flowers by Valerie Perrin but it’s ones that have stuck with me over the years…The Color Purple; Things Fall Apart; The Book Thief
Character most like you: depending on my mood: Hermione Granger, Veruca Salt or Nancy Drew.
Me in one sentence: Boss Lady
Interests: Keeping fit, reading and watching terrible horror films – not at the same time.
Why I chose to teach English: The holidays…I mean, because I have a passion for words!
Favourite saying: 'I don’t get paid enough for this nonsense!'

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